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My Minis
My minis!
Lord of the Rings!

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3/17/05 I once again changed the forum provider, this time to bravenet, meaning you will no longer need to register to post! yay!
3/15/05 Mouth of Sauron mounted conversion!
3/10/05 Added pictures of my 1920's jewish gangster conversion Abe "kid twist" Reles. Also added a links page.
3/09/05 Added a new forum! Last one was spammed...... :-( but the new one is better ormat anyway
3/08/05 Havn't updated in a while, busy with midterms and all but i would like to add a link to Andrew Hughes website as i really like it! (and quite frankly he is much better then i) Coming soon an article on personalising figures!
2/26/05 Updated Beserker picture and added an article on basing
2/23/05 Crusader
2/22/05 Uruk Hai Beserker!
2/21/05 English Cavalry Officer
'2/16/05 Added Parthian Tactics
2/14/05 Happy Valentines Day added A Tale of Two Cities Diorama and a thracian wildman chief!
1/24/05 A change of paste with my English Gentlemen figure.
1/23/05 Next is the Beast (X men rock! anyone who doesnt know them,
1/22/05 Next in the Marvel line is Gambit.
1/21/05 Added today a Jean Grey conversion and more pictures of my Battle of Issus diorama.
1/20/05 (USA) Happy Inaguration Day! We have our first contribution, amazing Russian Infantry by Krisztian Takaks and a conversion guide for cyclops.
1/19/05 HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have decided to start up with the site again so anyone who wants to contribute, send it to I have linked the old site and have started adding to this one. I have started with some of my Marvel Conversions and my Lord of the RIngs figures. Enjoy.

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